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ABCs of Starkid: Instagram

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starkid challenge: 1/6 starkids

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some mark their friendship with bracelets and lockets. some measure their friendship in silver and gold. some show their friendship with matching tattoos. we forge our friendship by saving the world.

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Growing up… I always liked the multitaskers. I always loved Sammy Davis, and, Mel Brooks, who was a writer, but an actor and a comedian. Guys who kind of did it all. Charlie Chaplin - really great actor, but really great composer. All those guys. If I can do half what they have done in their careers, I would be very happy.

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"i somehow always accidently do my hair the coolest its ever looked when i’m home alone in the middle of the night. what is that?"

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make me choose: wlntersoldier asked: AVPM or AVPS?

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