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make me choose: wlntersoldier asked: AVPM or AVPS?

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The atmosphere backstage with the StarKids is like one I’ve never experienced before. It really is like one big family, and it is immediately obvious why this group keeps coming back to work with each other time and time again.

— Robert Manion (x)
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starkid takes manhattan

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jaime + laughing

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Men are the smelliest creatures—we need to give a shit about how we smell… I’m a classic guy. I’ve always liked my Old Spice Fresh. I stay away from antiperspirants. I’m one of those hippies who believes sweating is good for you, blah blah.

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tybruns: Snow Day Eggsperiment. Not an eggzaggeration.

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alex paul in twisted

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@NickLangTweets “Look at this gang of cuties… These were prototype plushies we never released. If we actually made these, would people want them?”